night of the (rp) hunter

You Know What I Want?

I want to start a roleplay in which all the characters are like, completely insane. As in they’re manic depressive pyromaniacs with peglegs and the like.

No, I’m completely serious. All the characters would be totally over-the-top nuts in terms of special characteristics—and since it’s all of them, it wouldn’t be like one character is special because they’re all totally crazy. It would be hilarious. Of course, the people who auditioned for them would have to be mature so they could handle playing such characters without them being annoying, but if it was done right, it would be glorious.

  1. valleyofthedamned-rpg said: And since they are all nuts, they wouldn’t think the others are nuts. So they would think everyone is normal because they’re alike, but they are crazy… Please, do it. I need to be in it. Please.
  2. deanwinchester-rph said: And they all only have one eye. Some have left, some have right. And the ones with left eyes mate with the ones with right eyes in hopes to have children with both.
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